Our Mission


Bare roots intends to play a leading role in developing a healthy and resilient food culture in Columbus and the Chattahoochee Valley…

We aim to highlight the best ingredients from our region with remarkable hospitality in an inclusive and inspiring environment. We recognize our success is critically tied to community. Therefore we must provide unique, genuine, and positive experiences for everyone who supports us.

Bare Roots is a place where people make connections—with their body, with others, and with Nature. By understanding connections, we hope everyone will learn to respect the people, places, and processes that all came together during each meal.

We intend to bring assurance to our guests that we have done our best in a given moment. And if we didn’t, then we will hold ourselves accountable and honestly take on the challenge of enhancing our products, services, and overall quality for future guests, employees, etc.

We know the industrialized food system is causing great harm. We can no longer excuse our participation in this toxic and destructive system. If Bare Roots and the Columbus community are to prosper, we must co-create a healthier, more balanced food system.

In order to achieve these goals, our restaurant will embody these core values:

  • We are honest, compassionate, smile and laugh often, listen, and will work harder for what’s needed.

  • Curiosity, imagination, creativity, and fearlessness are integral to our personal and professional education and growth.

  • We celebrate diversity and respect each person’s unique personality.

  • Our staff will hold ourselves accountable when things don’t turn out as planned. We will learn from our mistakes, improving our products and services in a creative and caring way.

Commitment to the above will guide our thoughts and actions as we improve all aspects of Bare Roots. In addition, we intend to partner with local charities, organizations, and government entities that focus on local food issues, so, together, we make a greater impact on our community than just through our restaurant alone.